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If you are looking for an outstanding promotional video for an impressive presentation to potential clients then call and have a chat with our experienced videographer to see what we can do for you.

E.P.K.’s (Electronic Press Kits) are another speciality of Aussie Digital, essential for any budding musician/artist/singer/songwriter to enable them to showcase their talents appropriately to their particular industry. There are many different ways we can help here, ensuring that not only are your talents highlighted, but that you yourself are also portrayed in just the right way and that the end product really brings across the ‘real you’ to your target audience.

I will have many examples to showcase here soon. But here are a couple of recent ones...

Suite Az - Groovumentary -


Tonino A.K.A. Cruz - (An up and coming, very talented artist) I completed this video on a very low budget and tight deadline...however it was remastered and worked on by many others, as he is set for fame and heading off to see Sony soon. Many months of work went into this. Good luck Tonino.


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